Group Relations

Caribbean Group Relations partners with organizations & individuals to facilitate transformation.

Manage Change

Partner closely with organizations and individuals seeking innovative ways of leading and managing change.

Collaborate on Solutions

Collaborate with clients to explore challenges, diagnose weaknesses and chart a course through obstacles.

Build Forward Momentum

Escape from a cycle of repeated pattern of behaviour to a mode of progressive momentum.

Achieving Transformation

In a confidential, safe and reflective space for fostering self-discovery and learning.

With instant connectivity through technology and globalization, we are engaged in a world of accelerated change. Previous methods and theories on how we communicate, learn, live, lead, and work are most times insufficient to effectively navigate through today’s past paced environments. It’s no wonder that only 10% of traditional change management endeavours succeed.
To meet the challenges of transformation in our complex climate, it is imperative for organizations and individuals to relearn themselves in order to endure and thrive. Relearning ourselves gives us the focus to reflect on our presence, how we present ourselves, how we are received, how we behave and respond to change with the opportunity to capitalize on its dynamics and progress in the process.
Caribbean Group Relations, partners with organizations and individuals in transformation. We provide a confidential, safe and reflective space for fostering self-discovery and learning. We work in collaboration with our clients and draw on the approach of The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Systems Psychodynamics.

Who Can Benefit

Our work is collaborative with our clients and is engineered to the needs and benefits of:

State Agencies

Private Companies

Public Companies

Small Business(es)


Board(s) of Directors

Groups & Committees

Professional Individuals in Transition


We partner closely with organizations and individuals seeking innovative ways of leading and managing change, assisting them in working through resistance challenges, decision making and moving onwards and upwards. Our clients get help diagnosing and charting a course through the obstacles from where they are currently to where they want to go. We assist in shifting from a space of 'stuckness" or being trapped in a repeated pattern of behaviour to a mode of progressive momentum. Caribbean Group Relations Consulting seeks to develop the field of group relations in the Caribbean. Our practice is informed by The Tavistock Institute's Group Relations concepts and systems theories.

How We Work

We work with clients to shift and manage the change process from an organizational strategic level and through group learning at the tactical level.

We collaborate with our clients to explore their challenges based on their unique needs. Initially, we will discuss what you are committed to accomplishing, identify gaps and opportunities, and together create a plan to achieve your desired outcome. At various stages, we will revisit your goals and evaluate the next steps that are required to achieve your intended results.

Group learning in the tradition of Tavistock Group Relations and Organizational Development is experiential, takes place through encounters with others and exploration and interpretation of the experience as it occurs.

  • Learning through others – Individuals experience themselves in role, in relation to other roles, and their role in organizations
  • Role Recognition – The difference between the role you feel you ought to fulfill and the role which others call upon you to take
  • Give and Take – Noticing how we influence others and how we are influenced
  • Pet Peeves – Discovering what “gets under our skins” and why?
  • Answering the Call – Exploring ways of responding to challenges
  • Comfort Zones – Actively working through our resistance to change
  • Getting Unstuck – What gets in the way of Making Decisions, Taking Decision and Moving On
  • Growing Pains – Paying attention to the linkages between loss and change
  • Metamorphosis – Navigating and making sense of the process and loss in transition
  • Calm in Chaos – Finding comfort in the state of ongoing uncertainty


We are a team of professionals whose members seek to develop the field of group relations and systems psychodynamics in the Caribbean. Our members are experienced and qualified professionals; our practice is informed by entrepreneurial, business management and clinical experiences, The Tavistock Institute’s Group Relations concepts and systems theories and coaching disciplines.

Mary Fullerton, EMBA, Cert. TIHR P3C, CPC

Organization Change Consultant and Executive Coach; Director of Caribbean Group Relations Consulting Ltd; Director of The Buzz Limited; Founder/Director of non-profit ADHD Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mary holds qualifications from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations as an Organization Change Consultant and dynamics at board level, an IPEC certified professional coach and EMBA from Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.

Her training includes Anti- Money Laundering (AML), Combating Financing of Terrorism (CFT) and Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Mary has an entrepreneurial spirit, with several years of management experience working in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago).

Urban Hudlin, OP, MSc, MA, TIHR (P3C), TIHR (DBL)

Urban Hudlin has certification in group analytic psychotherapy from the University College Dublin, and the School of Psychotherapy. He is a certified practitioner in Consultancy and Change from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. His associate memberships include of (IGAS), the Irish Group Analytic Society, the Klein Association and the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland. Apart from his doctoral work in theology at the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, he holds a MA in counselling and theology from Boston College, USA and an MSc in analytic psychotherapy from the School of Psychotherapy, University College Dublin. He is a graduate of the DBL program offered by the Tavistock Institute.

Urban is an ordained priest and mediator with a background in paralegal studies from the Institute of Legal Executives, United Kingdom. At present, he practices as a psychoanalyst at St. Catherine’s Counselling Centre, Dublin and the Cross Crossing Medical Centre, Trinidad. This range of competences informs his work as the principal organizational analyst of Veritas Consultancy Services in Trinidad.


Committed to helping persons explore their options and be the best they can be, contact us with any queries.

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